Caribbean Youth Participate in UNDP Workshop: “Enhancing Young Leaders’ Skills for Engaging in Social Audit Processes”

September 19, 2012 by  

From September 19-20, 30 highly qualified youth leaders from Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago are meeting in Jamaica for a workshop on “Enhancing Youth Leaders’ Skills for Engaging in Social Audit Processes.” This forms part of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Democratic Governance regional initiatives in 2012 on youth participation and empowerment.

The workshop is organized by the UNDP Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean (RBLAC) and supported by UNDP Country Offices in: Barbados and the OECS, Belize, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago.

The main objective of the workshop is to promote among regional youth leaders the development of management, leadership and practical skills for social audit from different dimensions, such as: political, social, technical and collective action. The workshop aims to strengthen and enhance management, policy and technical skills, for the design, implementation, communication and evaluation of social audit processes, and to provide specific analytical tools for immediate application.

What is a Social Audit?
A social audit is an accountability mechanism where citizens organize and mobilize to evaluate or audit government’s performance and policy decisions. It rests on the premise that when government officials are watched and monitored, they feel greater pressure to respond to their constituents’ demands and have fewer incentives to abuse their power.

Accountability has the potential to enhance performance, integrity and regard for the rights of citizens. Social audit could be a very useful mechanism to be used by citizens/citizen organizations and youth in Caribbean countries, to engage decision makers and create accountability and transparency spaces for public policy.

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